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Instead of trolling the internet for weird and/or funny bullshit, I’ve decided to challenge myself. You know, do something I wouldn’t normally do and then write a blog about it, detailing my journey. Good or bad.

It seems mundane at first glance, I suppose. However, it is a new year and so far, 2010 has been rather uneventful.

Anyways, with that out of the way…

I’ve watched this YouTube video about a dozen times tonight. If you’re a LOST fan, it should crack you up and it will probably scare you at the same time. Why? Because of how fucking catchy it is! God damn…*hums*Sawyer, Sawyer, Locke!

After watching that video, I roamed YouTube in search of more LOST spoof’s. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many. At least, there aren’t too many funny ones. The couple that I did find can be located here.

The video I originally wanted to post required that I sign up for YouTube because, apparently, it contains adult content.

So, after spending a good 20 minutes signing up for a stupid account (by the way, most of that time was spent wondering why there’s a handicap sign next to the capatcha thing)…

I’m finally able to post this video!
OH! And no thanks to the Tosh.0 Blog for making posting that video a nightmare as well. I tried to find a loophole so I didn’t have to sign up for a YouTube account and thought I could find the answers there because they always seem to be one step ahead and had posted this video yesterday or the day before….

Okay, enjoy the stupid video.

Just one more thing, that video is supposed to be all clips from LOST obviously, but I’m pretty sure one of the parts with Josh Holloway in it was from his Davidoff Cool Water commercial.


So I was perusing through the Tosh.0 Blog when I came upon that video.

I would just like to say that it isn’t very apt. Okay, sure, we all know that one day we’ll be working for those nerdy kids we picked on in high school (well, not me because I was one of those nerdy kids. Suck it graduating class of ‘07!). The thing is, nerds still aren’t very cool. It’s a highly stylized version of the nerd that’s cool.

The term is called “Geeked Up”. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, a shirt that says “I’d Rather Be Jerkin’”, colorful high top sneakers and some thick rimmed glasses…you’re probably pretty cool. But at the same time, you probably don’t know you’re ass from a hole in the ground.

True nerds will never be cool. I’m pretty sure it’s in the Ten Commandments.

You know the one, “Thou shalt be cruel to thy nerdy peers”. Even though computer savvy geek’s are ruling the world through blogs and social networking sites, they will forever be picked on by brain dead jocks who still live at home.

I guess it’s all good though. Seeing as how we’ll be getting the last laugh.